FEB FEATURED PARTNER: Black Youth Helpline

What had started out as a school assignment had then turned into an outreach project led by a group of Black students, which then led to one registered nurse in the community that volunteered as a professional adult resource, which then opened the door for Black youth across Canada today.

This is how Black Youth Helpline became what it is today.

Inspired by the voices of youth seeking culturally relevant support + access to professional mental health services, the Black Youth Helpline model was created by youth, for youth.

Website: www.blackyouth.ca

Instagram: @blackyouthhelpline

Update: Together, we were able to raise + donate $150 in support! Thank you, thank you.

Beyond financial donations, other ways to show up + support can include: checking our own biases (daily), initiating conversations with friends, coworkers + loved ones about anti-racism, educating ourselves + sharing that knowledge with others, raising awareness, offering to listen + hold space for others, checking-in with our BIPOC friends, supporting BIPOC-owned businesses, leaving a positive Google/Yelp/Facebook review or rating... the list goes on.

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