In July, a portion of all proceeds will be donated in support of Native Arts Society, the only queer/trans, Indigenous-owned+run arts studio, gallery + storefront in Toronto. Last month, Native Arts Society + Toronto Indigenous Reduction Harm were able to secure a space located downtown, near Moss Park and now are looking to fundraise $100k in donations to help cover the cost of renovations, rent, operating costs + art supplies.

"Native Arts Society was inspired by "art days" which began in May 2020 at one of the encampments and on a street corner in Parkdale, Toronto. The expressive arts have been an incredibly important part of our work and many of the Indigenous street folks we support are talented multimedia artists and come from a long line of Indigenous artists including relations to the Group of Seven. Many Indigenous artists wind up being exploited for their beautiful work, which they often sell on street corners to non-Indigenous people happy to pay way below value for original Native art. We, Native Arts Society, will provide people with a safe space to keep art, sell art, and help people come to work on their art in a place rooted in harm reduction and free from judgment." -- Native Arts Society

With last month being both Pride Month + National Indigenous Month, the first of July being known as Canada Day, the ongoing uncoverings of thousands of Indigenous bodies buried at residential 'schools' across so-called Canada, the ongoing epidemic of missing/murdered Indigenous womxn + children, intergenerational trauma caused by the violent acts of colonialism, silence/erasure + white supremacy, it is clear there is so much to be learned + unlearned, and so much action to be taken.

Non-Indigenous folks, we are rightly being asked to step up + step out to make/hold space for the Indigenous community. We are not being asked to be perfect or to wait until it feels like we can do a 'good job' at it -- we are to start where we start, go where we go, reflect deeply as we do + stay committed to using our privilege to take action.

We are supposed to feel hurt with others. We are supposed to sit with discomfort. Now is not the time to be mentally/emotionally idle or consume the news as entertainment. The numbers you see, the stories you hear, the truths that are being bravely shared are not statistics or theories -- these are real people, real lives + real souls.

Our social justice doesn't have to be all over social media, but if you feel that your platform could be a useful tool to help educate + amplify Indigenous communities, then please do use it. Just remember that this isn't about you.

Some actionable steps we can take today include:

  • digging deeper into the history of so-called Canada, reflecting on how that history is still being presented today (it won't be as obvious, so reflect deeply)

  • learning about the still ever-so-present epidemic of missing + murdered womxn + children and how Indigenous, Black and Brown folks are impacted differently than their white counterparts

  • read/reread the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (click here)

  • contact your MPs (click here), keep them accountable for the above + ongoing problematic decisions/behaviours

  • supporting Indigenous/2Spirit-owned/run initiatives, businesses + organizations

  • supporting Indigenous/2Spirit individuals + activists

  • learning about the land that you live on

  • engaging with friends, family, colleagues + peers

  • journaling about your reflections/questions

  • seeking (and paying for) professionals to help further your education if you are a non-Indigenous-owned/run business, organization, team, etc.


Join our Fundraiser Class this month where 100% of proceeds support Native Arts Society.

Saturday, July 24th 2021
10.30AM - 11.20AM EDT
strength +STRETCH w Carman

To join, sign up here.

To donate, sign up with an existing class package or select the pay what you can option (free during checkout) to send an e-transfer of any amount to carman@movementandpurpose.com.

If you would like to join but do not have the financial means to do so, sign up with the 'pay what you can' option during checkout -- no need to transfer, no questions asked. No one will be turned away for a lack of funds. I'm here to support you.

Share this with your people! Let's move with PURPOSE.

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