(my) WHY behind 'live' classes

I have a lot of ideas and often make interesting choices, sometimes because I'm plain stubborn (anyone else a Taurus?!), but oftentimes because I can't quite shake off a feeling that I believe in so deeply. It's not that I am always right -- in fact, I rarely ever am -- but you can call it the universe, or a gut feeling, or the inner voice inside your head.

With studios closing and anxiety around safely accessing indoor spaces, it made most sense to me to continue offering classes virtually. There have been so many debates on how businesses (big or small) will continue running and what the best options are while pivoting online. I am often asked, 'Wouldn't it be better to pre-record and upload videos online for people to access at their convenience?' And I agree -- it probably would be better in many ways. But I have decided for the time being to stay true to live classes, and this is why...

There's something really special to me about moving together in real time. It's about setting aside the time to connect with yourself and sharing that time + space with others.

It is a privilege to be able to move with another being. To show up for each other. And to share that time and space together.

Our time together should feel like an exchange and a conversation, not a game of follow-the-leader or a quick copy+paste. It is my honour as a movement facilitator is to be a good listener and follow your cues; you guide me, and I guide you. There is opportunity for feedback and opportunity for play. I believe that we can only truly experience an honest exchange if we are working live together.

If my why aligns with your why, I hope that we'll be able to move together in real time soon. And in time, I hope that we'll be able to physically share space again.

got Qs?

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