*EASE [restore]

subbing for Tash Francesca

what to expect

When was the last time you took some intentional, phone-free rest? Soothe an overactive nervous system, inspire creative thought, invite observation of the mental + emotional body and encourage overall well-being with a restorative practice. Expect: gentle + opening movement, passive postures that are held for up to 5 minutes, meditation and stillness. This class finishes with a sound bath from crystal singing bowls or chimes. Lots of supportive props are encouraged and provided. Nourishing, passive and rejuvenating. We recommend bringing a sweater or additional cozy layers as the body drops in temperature with stillness and relaxation. All props provided. This class is done to music. Sign up through the Good Space website: www.goodspacetoronto.ca


See studio's registration + cancellation policies as booking practices are unique to each business. To cancel or reschedule a 1:1 session, please contact Carman via text or email as soon as you can.

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